Mentasti Interim & Advies BV
Pallas 72
1188 EP Amstelveen 
Phone: 06 - 1709 4388
Kvk: 34307572

Mentasti Interim & Advies

Welcome to Mentasti Interim & Advies, your first choice for interim management and consultancy for optimizing order to cash processes.

Mentasti Interim & Advies focuses on the business side of customer and back office processes like credit management, billing, e-invoicing, order management and customer service. We deal mainly with large and medium companies with extensive and complex order to cash processes. Most projects are in the utility, chemical, telecommunication, (health) insurance, media and banking industry.

Dealing with Mentasti Interim & Advies means:

  • comprehensive models
  • management reports with tailored KPI's
  • easy to use spread sheets 

Pragmatic solutions that can be implemented and adopted quickly. Our main strength is to make complex problems comprehensible as well as providing solutions and guidance to your employees. Empowering your staff, making them more self confident in finding their own solutions in future, is part of our methodology.